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Electrical current Test device

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Ensure your electrical system is safe with the help of Lodge-I-Cal Electrics. Contact our team in Sandhurst to book an inspection, or to see if you require one. We carry out inspections for homeowners and landlords.

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Have total confidence in your electrical systems

As a landlord or building owner, it’s important to ensure that any electrical system installation – old or new – is safe to use and fit for purpose. Regular testing is essential, and failing to do so (or to keep up with repairs) can lead to injury, damage, and hefty fines of up to £30,000. It's also recommended for homeowners to get an EICR completed periodically to ensure you're not in any danger from ageing electrics. 

For over 20 years, Lodge-I-Cal Electrics has been a go-to choice for EICR testing in Sandhurst and the surrounding area. Our fully qualified, accredited electricians can conduct a thorough test – at a time that suits you – and report back with their findings. 

Should any repairs be required, we are fully equipped to help. Our team can conduct a full range of repairs, installations and upgrades, to ensure your property’s electrical systems are safe. This can include partial or full rewiring. 

Testing of electrical components
Outdoor electrical cabinet, open doors

Why is it so important?

  • It can ensure you are meeting all required laws and regulations around electrical safety.

  • You can ensure the safety of tenants and anyone who uses or visits the property.

  • Identify potential issues before they cause damage or injury.

Inside of an electric box or control system

Who needs to book an EICR test?

If you are a landlord or letting agent for a rental property, or own HMO properties, an EICR is a must. Whilst not a legal requirement for homeowners, an EICR can give peace of mind to both buyers and sellers.

Solar panel control and monitor box, wall mounted

How often do I need to book a test?

For commercial properties, this can depend on the tyre of business you run, and your energy usage. For domestic rental properties, tests should be conducted once every 5 years, or at the start of a tenancy.

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Keep on top of your EICR commitments. Call Lodge-I-Cal Electrics now on 07709 884391

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